A N D R EA   B A L Z O L A

Born in Turin in 1961.  Playwright, scriptwriter, essayist.

He has written several stage plays of which the following have been performed: “Con tatto” (directed by Natalia Casorati, a “Mosaico”-production); “Il dolore (Pain) (based on a work by M. Duras, directed by Mauro Avogadro, with Marisa Fabbri, a production of the Teatro Stabile di Turin); “Democrazia” (Lia e Rachele) (directed by Claudio Longhi, supervised by Luca Ronconi, with Marisa Fabbri, a production of the Teatro di Roma); ”Storie Mandaliche” A dramaturgical hypertext (cybernarration and stage direction: Giacomo Verde, a production of Zonegemma).

He has published four collections of poems and one volume of stories entitled “Storie di pittori” (Stories of painters) (Fógola, 2002 Turin)

Three of the screen plays in which he collaborated were realized by financial grants from the Italian government

He has directed  his own short films and multimedia works for the Italian RAI-TV  and for a Scandinavian television station, for the C. r.u.t. (“The regional university center of the Theatre”), for the “Teatro Stabile” and for the “Unione Culturale” of Turin, for the San Paolo Foundation, for the Editori Riuniti and for the Swiss Radio.

From 1999 to 2003 he gave  experimental courses, created by himself, of multimedia Arts at the “Accademia di Belle Arti” of Carrara; Since 2003 he ha taught “Multimedia dramaturgy” and “Mass media” at the “Accademia di Belle Arti” of Brera in Milan.

He has given courses at the universities of Florence, Palermo and Turin, also offering courses of specialisation for the Regione Piemonte and for the Regione Toscana.

He has collaborated  with theatre periodicals such as “Sipario”, “Il castello di Elisnore”, “Hystrio”, with webzines “Ateatro” and “Zoooom”,  and with the catalogues  for events such as “RiccioneTTVV and Invideo-Triennale di Milano”.

He is the author of numerous theoretical publications, among others “La nuova scena elettronica” (Rosenberg & Sellier, Turin 1994). Some of his texts have been published in anthologies of the multimedia performance such as “Elettroshock30 anni di video in Italia” (Castelvecchi, Roma 2000) and Digital Performance” (Anomos, Paris, 2002)

In 2004  will be published his volume of  Arti multimediali digitali (Garzanti), written in collaboration with Anna Maria Monteverdi.

He lives and works in Rome.


Andrea Balzola

mobile: 348. 81.38.737

Via Sommacampagna 47

00185 R o m a